Land Levelling Services

We offer Precision GPS Land Leveling For Superior Results

If your land is not properly levelled, you may be losing the opportunity to yield your best crop. JD Hoffman Earthmoving is South Africa’s only land levelling expert and will optimise your water usage, as well as maximise nutrient absorption.

With water being a precious resources – and one that farmers must utilise effectively to meet the ever increasing demand for food – GPS land leveling offers a vast improvement in yield, water usage, and farm productivity.

While most agricultural fields are relatively flat, prior to planting the main crops of the area fields may require additional leveling by precision land leveling machinery (GPS guided land leveling equipment). It reduces the potential for soil erosion into field ditches and drainage canals due to sheet flow after heavy rainfall.

Effective land leveling reduces the work in crop establishment and crop management and increases the yield and quality. Leveled land improves water coverage that improves crop establishments, reduces weed problems, improves uniformity of crop maturity, decreases the time to complete tasks and reduces the amount of water required for land preparation.